About Us

About the Founder

Veena Sundaramurthy

After several years in the IT industry, I decided to specialize in Early Childhood Care and Education. Having graduated in Early Childhood Education from TESOL, I started a preschool called “Kayo International” in 2013. 

As I participated in workshops and conferences across India, my passion for early childhood education increased. This helped to take a new leap in preparing curricula and books for schools. As a result, Caprics Learning Lab launched the NURTURE curriculum for pre-primary with student and teacher kits. My desire to understand brain development in the early years led me to pursue a Diploma in Child Psychology at British Learning.

About the Founder

Sankara K

After Bits Pilani I aspired to bring education and technology together. Innovation in education using technology is always my passion. 

I create, deploy, and validate disruptive education solutions and services that help schools to achieve their business goals. I also Identify new development sites, which include market research, business development, and strategic thinking, all while keeping track of industry market information in terms of market development, projects, and customer competitive action.

I help Educational Leaders to expand and dominate the industry by advising and leading them to reach ambitious commercial and educational goals by combining


Team Kayo

Kayo International School champions excellence, which is why we only recruit highly qualified and experienced teachers who hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Early Years Education or equivalent from well-recognized Universities. Our strength is our highly skilled staffs who have an absolute passion for giving each child the very best possible start as they take those early steps out into the world. We are committed to providing staff with opportunities for professional development and enabling staff to stay up-to-date with developments in education with a comprehensive, ongoing training programme.